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Spolin Games Online Master Classes in Seattle Now accepting New Members

We are recruiting students for an ongoing workshop in Spolin Games led by Gary Schwartz:
WHEN: Sunday Afternoons 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
WHERE: Taproot Theatre's Isaac Studio 204 N. 85th Street Seattle, WA 98103
COST: $80 per month ($20 per class).

Come to a free workshop/inteview session Sunday July 13 and/or Sunday July 27th from 1:30 pm - 4 pm at Taproot Theater (come in at the stage door entrance in the rear of the building).
OPEN TO ALL (No prior Improv experience necessary) email Gary Schwartz to apply.

To see what a workshop looks like visit http://spolingamesonline.org


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2008 CHICAGO -- Paul Sills, one of the founders of the improvisational comedy group "The Second City," which has turned out some of America's best-known comedians, died Monday June 1, 2008. He was 80.
A note from the Executive Director - Paul Sills was on the advisory board of Intuitive Learning Systems.

I would like our community to know about this important and influential man and his and his mother’s influence on theater in general and the theater scene here in the Snoqualmie Valley in particular.

I had the great gift of working with Paul Sills, whose mother is Viola Spolin, the woman whose work he and I have dedicated ourselves to. I studied with Viola Spolin for seventeen years and was a very close friend to Viola and Paul. Their work has given my artistic career a direction and purpose.

 I utilize the work of Viola Spolin to train and direct local players in all our productions. I also have been offering classes in Spolin’s theater games for both adults and kids for several years. The Valley Center Stage has produced two of Paul Sills’ productions, “Story Theater” and our annual Christmas show, “A Christmas Carol, adapted for the stage by Paul Sills.
The Snoqualmie Valley is a richer place because of Paul Sills and Viola Spolin and I will miss Paul as I do his mother and continue to carry on the tradition and art they created.

2003 Chicago: The Six Annual Chicago Improv Festival (CIF) honored Viola Spolin (posthumously), her son, Paul Sills, and David Shepherd, the founders of the Improvisational Theater Movement over 50 years ago, with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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