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Endorsements ...

Gary Schwartz is a gifted player and coach. He has a thorough understanding of my work.
__ Viola Spolin
Gary Schwartz was very close to Viola for years, and one of her best students. I've had him in several workshops now and find he's the best side coach around, including me.
__ Paul Sills
Viola Spolin had genius and shared it. Gary Schwartz continues to share Viola's genius with integrity.
__ Valerie Harper, Actress
Gary's enthusiasm for the Spolin method and just "playing" in general enticed me to be a part of the workshop. As a corporate trainer I was thrilled to learn about FOCUS and lots of games that I can use with my clients. My motto has always been "If it ain't fun don't do it." This experience was true FUN!
__ Helen Dewar, Workshop Attendee
[Gary Schwartz] is the most gifted student of the Spolin Exercises in America today ... [He] is the one, uniquely trained player, who learned Improvisational game playing by sitting at the very side of Viola Spolin and observing her uncanny ability to evoke the Intuitional genius of her students. Gary will share this theater "magic" with you with gusto. And you too will discover the healing power of playing Theater Games and, possibly, experience their transformational powers of releasing (accessing) your Intuition as well.
__ Robert K. Greene, husband of Viola Spolin (Greene)

And on the importance of Spolinís work ...

Schiller taught us long ago that we are fully human when we are at play. Shakespeare has the phrase: "...all the men and women merely players." I like to think of Viola Spolin's theory and practice as beautifully exemplifying such truths.
__ Eric Bentley, Theater Historian and Author
Ms. Spolin's work is a visionary effort... it is hardly an overstatement to call it revolutionary... her practical vision and keen psychological insight will have a deep and wide impact on all directing and acting for the theatre.
__ Variety Magazine
Ms. Spolin has changed the theatre for generations!
__ Alan Alda, Actor
I'll argue any day that Spolin has had a greater impact on experimental theatre in America than either Artaud or Grotowski.
__ Village Voice
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