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About the Foundation ...

Board Members

Tina Brandon
Gail Wirth
Pat Musick
Gary Schwartz
Fred Rappin
Becky Rappin
Craig Ewing
Roger Anderson


Advisory Board
Valerie Harper

Intuitive Learning Systems presents theater opportunities that are an integral part of each participant's learning experience, where everyone has a chance to play and learn, regardless of skill.

We offer the opportunity to learn and experience a variety of intuitive skills, a means to develop teamwork, fair play and total involvement, and a source of fun and enjoyment through play.

Our Foundation seeks support for the ongoing work of teaching and exploring the Spolin philosophy. Over the next three years, Intuitive Learning Systems plans to develop a forum for the ongoing teaching of the Spolin Games.


What We Intend to Do ...


  • Developing new teaching tools including:
  • an online library of all 230 Spolin Theater Games successfully coached and with expert commentary; Audio programs and interviews of notable teachers and players; and, provide Web based access between offsite workshops and master coaches.
  • Provide Spolin Games Weekend Retreats for teachers and players:
  • February 2014 Spolin Games Improv Camp - Camp Waskowitz, North Bend, WA
  • Create a Spolin Theater Games World Conference: A week long symposium with practitioners from around the world using Spolin's games in theater, social work and psychology
  • January 2012, Duvall WA
  • February, 2003, Issaquah, WA
  • June, 2003, Mt. Vernon, NY
  • Autumn 2003 Issaquah WA
  • The Spolin Theater Games Network: A Facebook community of teachers, coaches and players influenced by Spolin's work whose efforts to promote Spolin Games.
  • Producing and/or sponsoring the Spolin Players Evening of Theater Games:
  • Los Angeles - www.spolinplayers.com

Long term plans

Our goal is to expand our offerings by:

  • Develop base Theater now known as Valley Center Stage:
    An intimate theater and workshop space in downtown North Bend, Washington offering workshops and productions with students and professional players
  • Mentoring instructors to lead additional seminars and workshops through our Sidecoach Mentoring Program.
  • Providing an online forum for connecting Theater Games coaches and players worldwide through our Web site and Facebook.
  • Building a training and resource center to accomplish these goals. This will be a full time school with a Director and staff of three teachers and workshop coordinators. A portion of all donations will be diverted into an Endowment Fund to work towards sustaining the school. Ultimately, this facility will house a 100 seat theater, workshop spaces, library, and offices for Intuitive Learning Systems.

About the Founder ...

Gary Schwartz began his association with his mentor and teacher, Viola Spolin, in 1977. Gary has conducted many lecture demonstrations of the Spolin Games techniques to various groups and companies across the US and Canada. He is the co-founder and director of 'The LA Spolin Players', a group of established actors (including Dan Castelanetta, the voice of Homer Simpson) performing Improv in Los Angeles since 1988. Winners of the 1989 DramaLoque Award for best ensemble, The LA Times called the show "brilliant and exhilarating". LA Magazine gave the show 4 1/2 stars.

Gary has pursued an acting career, highlighted by his performance in the award winning film, 'Quest for Fire'. Gary has also co-starred with Ben Vareen on Hallmark Properties' Emmy Winning 'Zoobilee Zoo'. He is also half of the comedy team, 'Schwartz & Chung', who performed in LA and around the US appearing on TV numerous times.

As the Director of Intuitive Learning Systems, Gary Schwartz is dedicated to promoting and preserving the work of his mentor, Viola Spolin.

Intuitive Learning Systems